Thursday, July 16, 2009

Falcon Walk

Hey! Look what I saw on my walk this evening , a Peregrine Falcon. One of the youngsters that was born this past spring at the nest on the roof of the Sheraton Hotel. I thought they were gone for the season, so it was nice to see they are still hanging around.It's getting hot and muggy out there. By the time I got home from walking I felt like somebody was crushing my head. And Oh! I forgot how tired the heat makes me feel.

Had some rotten news at work this week. I will treat it for what it is , a rumour, and that's all. Why are people so mean, that they would tell me something they know would upset me ?

I really don't need things to start going badly again at work, after such a brief interlude of peace. Things have been going so well that I have already accumulated a week of paid sick time.How silly I was to think my last few years of work would be easy. It's Hell.The way people act I'm amazed we have made it this far as a species . Will we last longer that the dinosaurs ?


Diane J Standiford said...

Work people can be such jerks. The book I'm writing (one of them) deals with a certain happening at work and the reactions of the animals there. (Animals--ie--co-workers) Hey, those birds, wow.

Herrad said...

Hi Carole,
What a beautiful bird, thanks for posting these photos.