Sunday, July 5, 2009

MS Never Takes A Holiday

Here's a side trip I took on June 24th while I was on vacation . Lincoln New Mexico, is where Billy the Kid escaped from jail after killing two deputies . Later he would be shot and killed by Pat Garret. The lady at the post office was nice enough to let me use their bathroom, as I was having one of my "spells". Otherwise the trip was relatively pain free, except for the predictable nonsense at the airports . I don't know, but it seems to me if you are having financial problems you might try a little harder to provide good service .
I don't have any other photos I can use on here .My friends aren't too keen to be on a blog and all the shots with me in them look terrible.
Right now I am still recovering with typical, "vacation from my vacation" syndrome.

Lately I have had breathing problems. Nothing serious, just this feeling like the air isn't going in the way it should and when exhaling my lungs aren't emptying out. I don't feel out of breathe and am still able to do everything . It's been happening on and off for a couple of months. I'm not in the mood to tell the doctor as that will mean more tests and/or a prescription for a drug I won't take anyway. Difficult patient that I am. Now why can't I be a good girl and let them bombard me with drugs ? Why must I always question everything and always be skeptical ?

Regardless. I did have a good trip and it was nice to see my friend that I miss so much.


Diane J Standiford said...

WAIT. You went to NEW MEXICO? From...Canada? I'm not dissin NM, but...OK, nevermind. PS---I have same issue:none of my friends like their picture taken. Good Grief. I can walk up to a stranger, "Can I take your picture?" "Sure." But my friends and family are like, "Hell NO." sigh. WAIT. NEW MEXICO?

Taxingwoman said...

Diane I have friends, Canadian expats who live there.