Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bus Capades

Warm, muggy weather, with rain and a  high of 27C forecast. Thank goodness for ceiling fans. I'm simply not ready to turn the air conditioning on yet.

Yesterday I used public transportation for the first time in ages and what a trip that was!!
Any urban deweller who uses this way of getting around, has had similar experiences I'm sure .

It all started with a phone  call saying I had won a gift certificate from a store called Fabric Land. I needed to go out to buy ant traps(ant invasion in the house) so I figured may as well go find out if this prize was for real.
It started raining the minute I left the house which was no big deal since I had my super, huge, umbrella with me.
It was so nice to walk in the rain with no sun. I kept going past the bus stop and down a street that has some cool shops . Made the mistake of browsing the window of the shoe store and ended up buying two pairs of sandals that I won't dare tell how much I paid for them. I justify spending too much money on shoes due to having very big feet (size12). Well bonus!! I received a coupon for a free pedicure from a new place just a few doors down from the shoe store. Went in there, found out it was for real  and booked it for Tuesday afternoon.

Kept on walking and walking,  missed two buses, didn't care. The hot sunny days will be here soon enough which means not being able to enjoy a nice long walk when I feel like it.

Two hours later!! I arrived on the street where the fabric store was located. I was so hot and tired I went across the street to Logan's Rest, a family run restaurant. Damn  the diet!! I treated myself to an ice tea and the best perogies you could ever eat, figuring I had earned them.

Well the gift certificate turned out to be legit. I was able to buy everything I need to make a summer dress.
I won't be making it, as my sewing days are over, another causualty of MS. Ces't la vie. No, a very nice young lady who also just opened a business will be doing that for me. It's nice to shop and support local merchants. So much better than wearing myself out at the mall and getting treated like crap at the chain stores.

Had just enough energy left to  go get the ant traps and picked up a watering can for the garden. By this time I was totally exhausted and loaded down with parcels. Lucky the bus stop is right  in front of the store. 

I thought to myself what a drag to get on the bus with all this stuff. Sure enough it was crowded, although most of the room was not taken up by people. Wow! I thought I had  lots of bundles. Beleve it or not there was a guy with a 40 inch TV set !! Another guy with four empty beer cases; the glass bottles rattling like crazy. He was already loaded too and totally reeking of booze. Then it seemed like every mother decided to go out at the same time, so the bus was full of these huge baby strollers .  I swear these things are the size of an all terrain vehicle. Then a bunch of older women got on with all their shopping from the Farmer's Market. What an adventure!! Amazing though that the trip went really fast.

I got home, unpacked my shopping, had a shower, and crashed out on the couch. Got up about two hours later, putted around for awhile, had an ice cream bar and some veggies with dip. Yes in that order.

Still so tired, I went to bed .
Ever notice, that you don't notice how sore your feet are until you take your shoes off?


BurtonClary031 said...

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Vianna said...

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Regards, Vianna

Diane J Standiford said...

LOL SIZE !12??? WOW, sucha dainty your photo, I mean. Bada** on your blog---that's how I like you. Buses, ugh.