Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cynic vs Alcoholic

Return to winter here and I'm not liking too much. Ok I was silly and got carried away making up containers of plants for the veranda. The last few weeks have been so mild how could I resist. Now I'm having to drag them in every night or risk losing the works to frost.

Haven't felt much like blogging these  past few days. So much to think about after that demonstration last week. There was  much good news but that was outweighed by the bad. All the doctors in North America who were offering the surgery, some of whom were doing it  no charge, have stopped. So have all the clinics who were doing testing for CCSVI. There are various theories as to why, which I won't get into except that it is my feeling they have been pressured by the establishment to stop.

When I was at the rally I did speak to the small, but very vocal crowd. I waved to the cowardly politicians sitting behind closed curtains in parliament.  I challeged them to ignore the lobbyists and drug companies.  I   challenged the MS society to honour the wishes of the people who support them.   I made it very clear that I would not give them another dime of my money if they did not give more money to CCSVI research.  I stated that it was ridiculous for people to travel to India to have surgery to unblock their veins, when Canada has one of the highest rates of MS in the world.!! And so on and so on, me and  many others spoke, and shouted, and made noise.  All over Canada there were similar demonstrations.

It must have had some effect. The MS Society has annouced that they will be asking the government to allocate $10 million to CCSVI research.

Afterwards I felt so drained I went home and crashed out.

The next day  I was telling a friend about the whole vein thing and my feelings of frustration toward the medical community. She went on about how I should be more positive and then proceed to tell me about different ways to achieve this.

Please note: I am not intersted in yoga, meditation, new age philosphy, special diets,and self help books . If you find them helpful that's great. Interesting that you need a whole lot of booze to go along with it.

I prefer to be a cynic rather than be an alcoholic. It works for me.

Oh yeah and the MS Society of Canada bought the web domain www.ccsvi.ca   Hmmm wonder why?


Patrick@Caregivingly Yours said...

To be cynical about the medical profession - that's just being wise!

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick

Angela said...

Completely agree with the alcoholic sentiment.....I can at least sleep and get up at 8am after a bottle of wine.....couldn't do that with any other MEDICATION that I've tried....alcohol helps.....and Liberation would help more.

Diane J Standiford said...

And this is why I adore you! Go Canadians! Rock the house. Very interesting happenings.

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Taxingwoman said...

Hi! to Patrick Glad you think so
Hi! Angela Red is my favourite
Love you too Diane