Sunday, May 16, 2010

Niagara Postcard Meet Up


ilyani said...

hey Carole!
it's imajica frm postcrossing here.. :) I came across your blog before and been following it, but only now I managed to comment since it's about postcards :D

the meet up looks fun! and oh, Niagra falls!

hachi said...

Hi Carole,
I just dropped by to say thank you once again for your lottery card that i won. And i made a post about it in my blog :)
Hope i can join a meet up oneday, looks like it's a very happy event!

Taxingwoman said...

Hey imajaca nice to here from you :)

hachi I will be checking out your blog !!
Thanks for dropping by.

Vianna said...

Greetings from Florida!
I'm a postcard collector too - a Postcrossing and member. Numerous times I read about postcard get-togethers in the States and other countries; they always sound like such fun. I hope one day to hook up with a group in my area (Tampa Bay or Orlando).