Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Canada Is OK

This morning I was getting my usual international news fix from BBC World.  There was much discussion of the austerity measures in Europe. I thought I was hearing things when a critic of the British plan complimented Canada (and Sweden) for sound fiscal management. Yeah that's why out of all  the big economies Canada is doing OK.

It sure was a different story a few years ago when Canada, was mocked for having too much state intervention in the banking sector. The Liberal government of the time was harshly critisized for not allowing bank mergers and all the other crap that now has most countries in a tailspin. The mantra just a few short years ago was" let  government get out of the way of business so they can  do what they must to make money" Gee that didn't work out so great did it? 

I remember the Wall Street Journal describing Canada as a" bankrupt third world country" Oh Canada with your socialized medicine and your welfare state. You pot smoking gay commies!! You are headed straight to hell!

  If this is hell , stoke the fires, and let us burn, because it feels pretty good.

Britain is going to cut half a million public sector jobs.  Where exactly are these people going to find jobs and how is that going to improve Britain's economy ? Yeah put on your fast food uniform and do your bit to help
your country.  

Last week I voted in favour of a new work contract. A modest raise and another day off. Not bad considering whats going on elsewhere in the world.  I'm just glad I'm hanging in,  can still work, and still have a job.

In November I'm going to a conference about  CCSVI and MS. I was invited by the hospital In Albany, NY where I signed up for clinical trials. Don't know what else there is to talk about but I'm willing to listen.


Herrad said...

Please visit my blog and pick up your award.

Diane J Standiford said...

Many times over my life I have stated that "I want to move to Canada." My partner's family kept a boat there, in Sarnia. I still often wish I had moved there before MS got me. Canada IS OKAY.
Good luck with your treatments--I hope you prove it real and a cure!

mlinauer said...

I have heard amazing things about CCSVI. So many people have been helped or cured by it.