Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Garlic Thanksgiving

What a beautiful Thanks giving weekend! The weather sunny and mild, perfect for walking AND no need for cooler packs !!  I managed to climb the 165 stairs from the harbour trail to the street. OK I needed lots of breaks, but I did it.

My turkey and pumpkin pie turned out great if I am allowed to compliment myself. The only downer was yesterday with  me dropping the remaining pie and breaking my good ceramic baking dish. I drop things all the time and with ceramic tile floors that means lots of broken dishes. I don't know if that's an MS thing. I do know that my hands aren't as strong as they use to be.

I did as Mr. Carrot asked; planted some garlic bulbs.  Looking  forward to my crop next summer, even if I'm not looking forward to the hot humid weather.  Yes this summer was a challenge. I would never have survived without air conditioning, which worries me. What happens when I can no longer afford the electric bill that is going up more and more?

My last  bill for August and September was a real whopper. We have a new billing system called "Peak Saver" where they give you a chart showing "peak"" mid peak" and "off peak" hours.  "Peak" costs twice as much as "off peak". That's fine if you want to save money running certain appliances, like using the dishwasher after 9:00 p.m. The air conditioner usually runs during peak time and less during off peak.  That means big bucks to stay cool. In future it may be necessary to lobby for a discount to those of us who really need air conditioning to survive?

Now some of you might say that cool air is a luxury, not a necessity, but I'm telling you that the heat  was a killer for me this summer.  The only way I could go out for a walk was if I my clothes were stuffed with cold packs.  Even then there were some days when I just couldn't do it. Forget about going out mid day; impossible, unless you want an ambulance picking me up. Yeah that's how bad it is.

OK so now winter is coming and I will have the heating bill to complain about. Are there any places in the world with moderate temperatures?


Karen said...

It was indeed a beautiful weekend! Cool enough to go to the beach! Like you, hot humid weather is a killer for me, so our beach trips are taken in early spring and late autumn.

Lovely pictures of the harbour, the swans are magnificent.

I am worried about peak time costs next summer as well. My ac runs all day because I stay at home.

I hear Northern California has great temperatures all year around.


Taxingwoman said...

Thanks Karen
Nice to have you drop by my blog

Diane J Standiford said...

Yes! Seattle, Washinton, USA. Made for MS. Yum---pumpkin pie. And, yes--it IS an MS thang!

Amy said...

Hi, just wandered in from an MS hit on Google. I moved to Ireland for a year and it's so mild! We don't even have air conditioning in our house and never needed it this summer. I'm from the midwestern US and they were scorched this summer. We love the mild weather and can't wait for the mild winter compared to feet of snow at home. Alas, we will be back to reality next year.

Take care, nice to meet your blog!