Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wonder Why I'm Cynical?

What a way to start my morning reading this  article in the Toronto Star.

Oh MS Society!! What will you do now that even your board members are going overseas to have CCSVI surgery, while you side with others to deny Canadian  MS patients this very thing!!.  

You have lost your credibility. 


Diane J Standiford said...

Over here, down here, the U.S., my MS Society lost its credibility with ME years ago. Close to the first time I NEEDED them. WHY do these groups exist? Have they found a cure? Have they given more info about MS than a million other places on the Internet? Awareness? REALLY? My last trip to ICU at big shot hospital here and not one nurse or DOCTOR knew about MS. I am proud to be cynical and not blissfully ignorant.

Karen said...

Why am I not surprised! The MS society lost their credibility with me a long time ago.
Thanks for posting this.