Monday, January 10, 2011

Alphabet Blogging: B

B is for Better?

Had my appointment with the Nuerologist today. More about that later. At the end of it I asked him about CCSVI and MS surgery.

He told me that 25 of his patients  have had the surgery. Of those, 3 have improvements in their health that can clearly be measured; meaning tests show they have improved. The rest say they feel better, have more energy, but there is no measurable change in their physical symptoms. He is optimistic that the surgery may result in fewer relapses and slow down progression, which is a good;  however, he still thinks more research is needed and doesn't think anyone should go abroad for the surgery. I had to smile when he said that many of his  patients have not listened to his advice and "it has been a humbling experience". Yeah the days of doctors being the last word are over. Patients  feel empowered to take risks. Have to wonder if the internet has anything to do with it?    

As for me. Physically, I'm better than last year, but mentally, I've declined slightly. No big deal, but I have to go for another MRI.

The appointmet was going well until the doctor asked about work . Without even realizing what was happening; I burst into tears.  It may have had something  to do with that morning before the appointment. I was catching up on 2 weeks of  work email  when I was totally taken by surprise, by a message from my manager. Next week my team  will have a new temporary boss and in about three months another temporary boss until they find a permanent new boss. I don't think I can handle having even more people knowing my business and having to listen to their take on my health, what I should do etc. etc. Confidentiality becomes a joke when you have new bosses every few months and the old ones are still around.

So my idea of publishing a newspaper about my life and handing it out at the office door; is not so strange.

Oh yeah here's the link to my friend Sorav's art  He tells me he can only sell it in India right now but you can at least have a look. And check out his art blog The link is in my list of Other Stuff I Like.


Erika said...

I totally get the publishing the newspaper thing. Amazing how many people can solve your problem for you if you just don't ask them to!


Taxingwoman said...

Hi! Erika :)