Thursday, January 13, 2011

C: Computers and Commentary

 C: Computers

What could I possibly say about computers that hasn't already been said?
I was very slow getting my first personal computer;  waiting till around 1997, I think, and I'm glad I waited. Dial up internet and  the constant upgrading to bigger better computers, seemed like a total waste of my time and money. How many people  I knew back in the early ninties who wasted over $3,000 on a computer; only to have it surpassed a few months later and then even after many expensive up grades, the thing was no better than a large doorstop.

By the time I bought a personal  computer the Pentium 2 and cable internet were available. Yeah there were lots of hiccups in the begining with  the internet going down, viruses, and the simple fact that the computers simply couldn't keep up. It was thanks to my young son and his desire to play computer games that I figured out the need for a good graphics card, good speakers, and maximum RAM. ( I don't think they even call it RAM anymore). 

Now here we are in 2011. My new computer with tons of memory, flat screen monitor, amazing graphics and sound only cost me $800 !

To me computers are a blessing and a curse. Computers allow me to work at home, shop for groceries, do my banking, and pursue hobbies . They also suck a great deal of my time that I could use to do others things!!

C: Commentary

"When you represent a district -- the home of the O.K. Corral and Tombstone, the town too tough to die -- nothing's a surprise."
Rep. Gabriele Giffords, brushing off a 2009 incident in which a demonstrator's pistol fell out of his holster

In my blog I tend to stay away from political commentary and other "hot" topics  like religion, however today I read  an article that  is one of the best commentaries on the awful shootings in Arizona.  I won't bother to say what my take is on the situation, only to say that I will never again complain about politics and politicians in Canada as being boring. AND I don't care what they say out west in the U.S. or what my son thinks; I support restrictive gun laws. I may go into more details about that in my G Alphabet  post.

I recommend Foriegn Policy magazine. I subscribe to the print and electronic versions.  I always look forward to the" Morning Brief" email I get, with the days headlines from all over the world. No I'm not getting paid  to plug it.

Hey this alphabet blogging is great Try it!


Anonymous said...

Hi from one of those people who bought a $3,000 computer/printer/etc. and was outdated in 6 months!

Love the alphabet idea. I expect to catch it every 4th letter or so. LOL

Happy New Year to you and yours, and I hope we all have a healthy one. God knows, we sure need it.

Take care,

Shahbaz said...

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