Friday, January 7, 2011

Belated Happy New Year

Happy New Year Everyone!!

I'm off to a shaky start; recovering from a nasty sinus infection and sprained ankle. What fun!

 Seems like every time I travel now I get sick . I find the travel part is getting harder and I'm worried that I may not be able to keep doing it. How elderly and disabled people manage it; I don't know.

I thought the new terminal at the  Toronto airport  would be better than the rotten old terminal 3, and I was looking forward to using it. No!! It sucks!   The departure and arrival is equally bad.  I swear by the time I'm finally allowed to get to my boarding gate, at least six different people have checked my passport and boarding pass. All the time I'm having to drag my suitcase along until I can fiinally get rid of the stupid thing.
Toronto why can't you do like other airports and let people get rid of their bags at the checkout counter?
And what's up with that finger scanner? Who designed that arrival area? Making people go up and down escalators and walk endless corridors until they get to customs AND unlike American airports, no electric carts for people to use. You know, there are people who have difficulty walking, people with small children, and the rest of us, who are so tired and fed up by the time we get home, we don't need to run a marathon through the dumb airport.

It seems that every entity involved in air travel; from the airlines to security, have a total lack of regard for people's time. They just don't care.  They don't even bother to make up excuses.

I also think my dream of retiring in the SouthWest U.S.A. is becoming more of an impossible dream. If I was healthy, it would probably work, but being very unhealthy and seeing signs like this:

 Well I don't know. I'm so spoiled living in Canada. I take for granted that I can just go to the flu shot clinic and get a jab no charge, and so can everybody else.  I can go to any doctor, hospital, or drugstore. Yeah our system is not perfect; but it's still a damn sight better than the mess they have in the United States, even with the new healthcare legistation. 

I'm also not sure if  I would fit in. Being on vacation is one thing, actually living there is quite another.

OK Monday I have my big appointment with my nuerologist. I won't even bother to ask him about CCSVI or angioplasty surgery. I will be discussing my options regarding work. That is something I'm very worried about. I'll  have an update about it soon.

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