Friday, April 1, 2011

L: Life

L: Life

I shocked someone this week trying to describe my present day  life with MS. I said I felt like I died and was reincarnated as me, but only half of me.  Can't do as much, think as much, feel as much, as I once did.
That's life;  have to take what you get and make the best of it
Haven't felt like blogging at all. Too many hassles at work have worn down but I keep going What else can I do?

Have to go for an MRI now. More later.


Stuff could always be worse said...

Sorry for all your work problems, maybe it will get better?? Yes life is what it is...I guess

Emma said...

That is the most excellent description of what it feels like to have MS. Thank you for putting it so beautifully and so succinctly. I am only four months into my diagnosis. I am trying to get to know the "new" me, but God do I miss the "old" me. I used to be strong; now, I am weak. I used to run; now, I walk -- slowly and deliberately. I used to have a quick wit; now, I struggle to keep up with conversations. I had an excellent memory; now, I doubt my mind. The worst part is that I recently became a mother (after years of struggle)and had happy plans for raising my daughter. Now, I don't know what kind of mother I am going to be. I do know I will not be taking her to the top of Pinnacle Mountain to watch the sun rise over the river below. I will not be taking her to hike Petit Jean Mountain to see Cedar Falls in the spring. I will not be taking her camping or canoeing. My husband is too stoic to talk about what he has lost. I am not the woman he married. MS is cheating us all. I hate the disease. I hate the cheery people who tell me it will all be "ok." No, it won't. It won't be "ok." This is not ok. It is what it is and we will all adapt, but no sense being dim about it. It sucks.