Monday, April 4, 2011



Typical April day; a very mild 15C and  rainy .

Had my MRI on the weekend. It was really fast this time, only twenty minutes. I'm glad I don't have to go all the way in the machine and have a mirror inside so I can see the technician. The space in the MRI is so tiny, like a white coffin. Now I just have to wait till my doctor's appointment in two weeks for the results. I also have to bring him this crappy letter from work, which is a revised version of an even crappier letter.

At my last meeting with management  they gave me two letters; one for me, one for my doctor. After reading them it was agreed that they needed some serious revision. You can't say in one letter that legally you are not entitled to medical information and then in the next letter ask for just such information. I'm getting really tired of having to tell other people what the policies and procedures are. Why can't they take the time to look this stuff up? Anyway, they decided to have someone at Human Resources draft the new ones. Still dumb, but not anything I will be embarrassed for my doctor to read.

Oh! and I'm going to have a serious talk with my doctor. Too much is at stake that I can't afford to be casual about the whole business.  If the worst case scenario happens I can always take early retirement. I would prefer not to since it will cost me lots of money. At the very least I will be taking some unpaid leave this summer. That, along with vacation time, should keep me away from that house of horrors till late August.

What a drag to have a really good job yet hate it at the same time. Not so much the job, but the people, and not so much the people, but the ones in charge!!  They thrive on making others miserable.

My THC vapour must really be working good.  I am told there was a huge thunderstorm last night. Didn't hear a thing. 

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