Monday, April 11, 2011

N: Notoriety


A record 21C today and very windy.
To be unfavorably known. That's notoriety. This came to mind last week when I attended a Liberal party rally for Michael Ignatieff.  Hey! We're having a a Federal election !!

I went to the rally  because a friend convinced me to give the guy a chance, so I figured what the heck!
I know nothing about the man; only what I've read in the media and the Conservative  view of him, which is that of an intellectual elitist.

He's actually very well spoken and down to earth. What I didn't like, and I could tell it made Mr. Ignatieff uncomfortable, were comments by members of the audience toward out current Prime Minister. Yeah I don't like the man either, but I draw the line at calling him the "Crime Minister". I really hate the attitude that we must vote for the other guy because the current leader is  a bum . Hmmm,  wasn't that long ago people were saying the same about the Liberals. Remember when they were the "Fiberals" 

Here's the website for the Liberals, if you want to know more about the man who wants to be the next Prime Minister. I like him, and I do understand that backing a lesser party means we could end up with the same mess we have now, however, I'm voting Green. Not so much because I think they would be better; I mean good heavens!!They support nukes!!    It's more a protest vote. I'm sick of the fact that we only have two viable parties (Sorry the NDP aren't) and that is it. Just like America , left and right, with nothing in between. I mean seriously that's it? Till the end of time?  So yeah, my vote is seen as wasted, but I simply can't continue to follow the status quo.

Anyway, to show that in Canada we have our priorities straight: The french language debate has been moved from Wednesday to Thursday, as the Montreal Canadiens are in the hockey finals. 

Aside from that, things really suck at work . A notorious tattle tale ( fits in perfect with my topic) complained about me using the "F" word . I wasn't speaking to this person and I wasn't using it to offend anyone. I was simply telling my co- cubicle sufferer, about the title of a song that happens to have that word in the title. He didn't seem to be bothered and thought it was funny. Guess I'm use to it since my son listens to" Death Metal"
That music always feature lyrics with swearing and  many unpleasant, politically incorrect,  points of view.
Oh yeah the snitch is a guy that I had to file a harassment complaint against, so he has an axe to grind.
That show The Office is Oh so true and so is Dilbert. Who came up with this concept of  work places were people have to sit in little grey cubicles all day No wonder everyone is strange.


Kim @ Stuff could... said...

I like the way you say America has two parties til the end of time. It seems to be that way, sadly....

Taxingwoman said...

Hi! Kim Yeah don't like to criticize America. Just an observation