Monday, September 1, 2008

75 Million Blogs

In answer to my question of last week.There are about 50,000 new blogs registered every year,however most are seldom, if ever, used. Of the 75 million blogs worldwide only about 10% are updated regularly, meaning at least once every 90days. Those interesting little stats come from Foreign Policy magazine of which I'm now a subscriber. Lots of stories in it that you will never see in the mainstream media.

I haven't felt like blogging at all the last few days. It's been a funny long weekend for me, up and down with bursts of energy, followed by total shutdown. Can't say the Amantadine is working yet or not. I think it will be at least a few more days before I know for certain. Hard to tell with this crazy MS thing.

I did get a free electric kettle on Saturday. A cordless stainless steel kettle, which I think the water for tea tastes so much better from compared to that awful plastic kettle I had. The plastic kettle matched the decor in the kitchen, which is a really dumb reason to poison myself with plastic infused water.
The reason it was free is without me knowing, I had amassed $150 worth of grocery points at my local supermarket . I get my groceries delivered from another store and usually only stop in the local one when I run out of something. Amazing that over 6 years of buying bits I acquired so many points. At first I thought it was a con to try and lure me back as a regular customer, but no, the customer service lady said I really did have the points and I could use them to buy anything in the store. Still suspicious, I decided on the kettle figuring I could just dump it at the cash if buying it turned out to be a hassle, then on a whim picked up some serving spoons and a couple of tins of chillies. End result:It was an easy transaction and I only had to pay the tax. Any wonder I'm so tired, the way I over think things?

Tomorrow it will be one year I have worked at the local office. I transferred from Toronto wanting to be closer to home. Toronto use to be home, only it's too expensive for a single parent to own a house there. I remember last year at this time wondering how it would all turn out. Much worse than I imagined. Maybe by next year things will be better.

Now the last long weekend of summer is over . Not a bad summer aside from the fatigue (which is dreadful) my MS symptoms much less than the past three summers.

Here's a good article in the Independent, about life lessons learned through a brain lesion.

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Diane J Standiford said...

You just never know where lessons may come from.