Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Big Pharma Big Oil and Bathrooms

Not much happening today except the Amantadine is causing me bathroom angst. Having to go too often for one thing and not enough for another. How much water do I have to drink and fruit do I have to eat ? And Oh! how I hate having to use public bathrooms, but I have no choice now.
There are always annoying women doing disgusting things in public bathrooms. Don't even want to think about what their toilet at home must like.

I also have to check and see if another side effect of this drug is strange dreams. I had a real weird one last night with of all people in it, Bill Clinton ! I have to admit I did have a good time with the former president. It was very Clintonesque if you know what I mean (nudge nudge wink wink)

Read here about drug companies funding grassroots movements in Britain, that attack the National Health Service. Oil companies fund research to back Palin's campaign against protecting Polar bears .

Oh yeah and that test I have to have next week is a lumbar puncture. The doctor wants to check out my spinal fluid to see what's lurking there.I'm going along with it so that nobody( read insurance and bureaucrats) can say I didn't do everything possible to figure out this MS . Not that it will change anything, I'll still have MS.

Now I'm going to watch a tv program about the 46 million Americans who live without health care. One woman quoted as saying" they may as well take me out in the yard and shoot me. It would be cheaper" This is to remind me that no matter how fed up I get with the health care system here, it's still pretty good.

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