Friday, September 5, 2008

Art and Indian Food

That's it! I've decide that this weekend I'm going to write a letter for my manager, outlining all the reasons why I should be allowed to tele work. I'm taking far too much time off. Don't they want me to be productive? I've read over the work "Illness and Injury" policies, and the "Medical Accommodation" procedures. They state very clearly that the employee has a right to input as to what the accommodation should be and the employer doesn't require a diagnosis to proceed. I'm still willing to go through the Health Canada assessment, however it's taking too long . I need help now. What have I got to lose ?

Went for a walk in the rain this evening It wasn't an electric storm, just heavy drizzle.
It felt so good after a week of heat and humidity to have that cool rain splashing me. I didn't mind at all getting wet. Stopped in at the drugstore and indulged in a couple of pick me up, lipsticks. After that I came home and decided to make some filling and dough for Samosas. They're to go with Tandoori chicken and Basmati rice for tomorrow night's dinner. I'm getting the hang of this Indian cooking. It tastes pretty good.

I still think I have a Vampiric streak. I seem to recover from my "spells" as soon as the sun goes down . I sure had lots of those this week. They were a little less intense , so perhaps the Amantadine is working. I've decided to wait another week before I up the dose like I'm supposed to. Yeah bad girl, not following the doctor's instructions .
I just need a little more time to see , or rather feel, if this stuff is working or not. Once you up the drugs, it's hard to go back down.

If you like imaginative and fun street art ( and NO I don't mean graffiti) check out this blog by Slinkachu. I found out about him thanks to BBC news . Good to see some news that isn't about elections or the slumping economy, and yet isn't one of those cutesy human interest stories.
I'm going to add it to my hobbies list.

Tomorrow is the Locke Street Festival, which is no big deal. May as well go have a look see as it's right around the corner from my place. I'll bring my camera along and if I get any good shots I'll post some here.
One last thing :I made a boo boo the other day. 50,000 blogs are created every day, not every year . Sorry for any confusion .
Oh yeah ! I put A Stellar Life, back on my MS list .Seems like Diane Stafford still wants to blog.

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