Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I Think it's Working

Feeling a little better today Perhaps the drugs are starting to work.
I wanted to do a post tonight about the "Visibility of Invisibility " Wrote the whole thing out during my coffee break today. Reading it tonight I realize it's a bunch of rubbish and I thought to myself "Carole you really should shut up" so I'll just say that if I had to choose, I would stick with invisibility.

Visibility would mean I'm in much worse shape than I am now. Yeah, it's for the birds when people say "you look so good" or "you don't look sick" still better than talking to me like a baby, the way they do to the guy in a wheelchair at work.

I did bad on the health quiz tonight 3/8. I always thought it was seniors who shared prescription drugs, turns out it's teenage girls !

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Diane J Standiford said...

Teenage girls, I recall that going on in 1975 too.