Sunday, December 7, 2008


Usually ,I'm not into this sort of thing, however since it's about MRI's and medical bills, here's a
bizarre news story.
A woman claims that there's an image of the virgin Mary ( yeah we Catholics think that) in her MRI.
She's putting it up for auction on Ebay. Are people that desperate to pay their medical bills? and who would buy such a thing ? Do people collect MRI's ?

It's bitter cold outside 20-C. Even with two sweaters on I could only manage a 20 minute walk and only then because I made several pit stops. The LCBO has beautiful Christmas gift sets. Wasted on me though, since I barely drink any alcohol now. I'm already dizzy enough without the aid of booze.

I'm not looking forward to my morning walk in the cold and dark to go to my grey cubicle.
Who picked the decor at my office must have misunderstood and thought they were doing a jail. Pale grey green walls, a puke green grey carpet, with a triangle and squiggle pattern, and to top it off pale grey cubicles. I refuse to spruce up my cubicle though as that will give it a feeling of permanence and I so want it to be temporary.

I have a guy coming next weekend to install a new door upstairs with a lock on it. I'm planning the return my home office Oh please Santa !! bring me the gift of tele work!! I'm getting desperate and I don't have anything to sell on E Bay.

Did a bit of Christmas decorating . For some reason I went a bit crazy with the lights this year.
I must need brightening up.

I am so itchy tonight.

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