Monday, December 1, 2008

A Cookie A Day

Here's something that I thought I would share . If you like cookies you'll love the"Cookie a Day" advent calendar. Everyday from now till Christmas, follow this link, click on the Christmas tree, and get a cookie recipe. Even if you don't bake you might get some ideas for cookies you'd like to try. The super markets and bakeries all have special cookies this time of year so you should be able to buy them.

Otherwise it's been a very strange day The weather couldn't make up it's mind; going from snow, to rain, to sleet, to freezing rain and back again . The politicians are behaving badly too. It will be interesting to see next Monday, if we end up with a coalition of parties running the country or if the Prime Minister will simply close parliament early to avoid a no confidence vote, on the Tory economic statement . At least I get a reprieve from possible wage cut backs although that could still happen. Regardless I'm putting in my request to take the summer off again. If things go badly I can always cancel it. Sure hope I don't have to.

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