Sunday, December 14, 2008

Not Much Cheaper

First before I start moaning check out SL Liew's postcard blog

Crazy isn't it that buying a new washing machine only costs slightly more than getting the old one fixed. It seems so wasteful to do it I really feel guilty .

What's the point of me using cloth bags to shop and recycling bottles, if I'm going to then chuck a not that old washing machine. I think the delivery people will take the old one away and maybe it will get fixed and sold as refurbished . It certainly isn't worth me spending the money to do it and who knows in six months it might just conk out again. Yeah O.K. I'm rationalizing trying to ease my guilt. I guess that's the old school Catholic girl in me "waste is a sin".

I remember when I was a girl ( old fogey moment here) how my mother got all the appliances and the t.v. fixed over and over. I'm sure she had the same washing machine for 25 years and the same black and white t.v. up until the 1970's . She only got a new colour t.v. because my brother bought it as a gift for her when he started working full time.

Later in life she was more well to do and got into the throw it out habit. Hole in the sock ? throw it out. Sheets worn out ? Don't do like my grandmother and cut them up and make pillow cases ,
no, throw them out.

Not that I'm a big fan of Cuba but they drive cars from the 1950's. They just keep on fixing them. And they don't have to bankrupt their country, bailing out some old dinosaur car company. When did it happen that our entire economy depends on people going out and buying crap they don't need ?

Tomorrow morning I have a meeting with my manager, which I already know isn't going to be a good meeting. It's mild out and raining and now I'm going to have a bath and listen to the opera show at 9:00 Always look forward to that on Sunday night.
My Christmas shopping is nearly done too Only have one more gift to buy. I wonder if that person would like an old washing machine ?



This is a wonderful post. I do find it odd that 'we' are being told to go out and buy, buy, buy to 'stimulate the economy.' Things have gotten so out of whack, it's true.

I've haven't even really started on Christmas preparations. Can't believe that it's NEXT WEEK!!!

Taxingwoman said...

Thanks Lisa .Now get out there and do something for the economy :)