Monday, December 29, 2008

Year End

I tripped yesterday and have messed up my leg . I thought it was fine until it woke me up during the night. Ahhh, massive pain and cramping caused me to jump out of bed ,which made it worse. Then I had a dizzy spell and crackling buzzing sound in my ears which means I'm going to pass out .
Back down in the bed I lay there trying to stay calm . I'm fine, my leg isn't.

I want to send out best wishes to Anne at Disabled Not Dead and Diane of A Stellar Life .
They have been going through much worse than me . I don't really want to bug them leaving comments on their blogs right now.

It's year end and the news is full of year end stories: best films, photos, top news and so on Here's a couple I found interesting/depressing

Here's one of those making lemonade from lemons stories about skateboarders.

Well the guys are here to do work in the house. Hope it gets finished today .

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