Sunday, November 30, 2008

Never Ending Tech Woes

Seems like every weekend there's a tech mess to sort out. The hard drive on the newer computer is shot. It took an hour of gabbing with some techie in God only knows what country to figure that one out. He advised me to buy a new hard drive and I guess for a $100 and double the storage it's worth it. Not good timing, what else is new ?

Looks like the government is postponing their move to slash and burn the public service(see previous post). The opposition decided that they would form a coalition to bring down the Tories, if they present the budget on Monday. While other governments are in a spending mood, ours is sticking to what Thomas Walkom in The Star so aptly described as "conservative hobby horses". Small government , the market rules, blah blah blah. Well we all know how that turned out don't we ? Were has our finance minster, Jim Flaherty, been the last six months?

Stephen Harper is the last of the Bushies, I think his days are numbered.

I can't really complain that much though ,after reading about a woman who is losing her job just two years before retirement. The company is packing up and moving to Mexico. What a disgrace these corporations are, that they think it's fine to take advantage of third world countries and pay people dirt wages with no benefits. Why? so the top people can go out and buy more Champagne, diamonds, yachts ? What do they want and when will they ever have enough?
Read the series "The Reckoning" .

I didn't even bother to turn my T.V. on today. I'm so sick of commercials. The same one, twenty times a day, telling me that the detergent in the orange bottle will get my clothes clean. Gee, isn't that what detergent is supposed to do and if it isn't doing that, the company should pack it in. They think their new approach, telling me their detergent has more cleaning ingredients than the "other guy" will get me rushing out to buy it. Nope, especially when my son, who works part time in a pasta factory, tells me that they put the same fresh pasta in containers and just put different labels on them. So the store brand is the same as the name brand. I buy the store brand detergent and it works fine, besides the way I'm feeling, am I really going to cry if my tea towels have stains on them ?

I think perhaps the freezing rain is getting to me. It's going to be an interesting walk to work tomorrow.,

No MS news which these days for me is good news. Have to go trim these fake nails, they are way too long!

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