Saturday, November 15, 2008


Several times this week I've wanted to blog only I've been too brain dead. My short term memory is, well, getting shorter and my anti fatigue pills only get me part way through the day. Result is I'm useless in the evening.

Can't wait to see the doctor on November 28th. If I have to beg on my hands and knees to convince him that he must, must, write to my employer and make them understand that I:need to work at home!
Friday afternoon at the office I came very close to a break down. Amazing how a tiny little incident( which I can't discuss here otherwise I'll get sacked) can do me in. That's how weak I am now and tired , Oh so very tired. I'd really like to know who came up with the decor scheme of grey walls , grey carpets and grey baffles( spell check: that's how we spell grey in Canada!!!)

The repair work on the side of the house hasn't stopped the water leaking in the basement. Heavy rain today resulted in another leak. I think my original idea to move the eaves trough drain pipe is still right . Tomorrow I might call the one guy who agreed with me and get him to move it. There is only a little bit of water but over time that could be a disaster. Once it's dry again he can get to work building the new stairs. If only they had listened to me three months ago, I could have avoided this and I would have my new stairs by now. It's been that kind of a year,me talking, nobody listening. Hey I don't want anything special. Just a dry basement with decent stairs and to be able to keep working.

Otherwise, I maybe late finding this blog and I think perhaps I've mentioned it before ( short term memory again!!) It's the Fail blog which I will ad to my links. I get a laugh out of it.
Something in short supply around here lately, although I did read an article last week that a good cry can be as therapeutic as laughing . Yeah but laughing doesn't make your eyes get puffy and stuff your nose up.


occam said...

Send some rain this way. It is drier than a popcorn fart here.

Taxingwoman said...

occam It's snowing now and I'm certain you don't want that