Monday, November 17, 2008

Winter Blues

Winter is here even though the calendar says different. It's bitter cold out and I had to give in and wear a heavy coat, hat, and gloves today. What I don't like about that is I get overheated walking to work and it takes me a good half hour to recover once I'm inside.
I think the cold affects me as much as the heat . I was a wreck this evening and the odd tingling and leg twitches are back . I thought the Amantadine had taken care of that. Is it possible that the drug is wearing off ?

Wednesday is flu shot day. I know some doctors say you shouldn't get a flu shot if you have MS, as it triggers your immune system and can aggravate symptoms. My answer to that is the flu does that too and makes me feel so sick I want to die . I'm also told the flu shot is only 40% effective. Were do they get these numbers ?

Last time I had the flu I ended up in the hospital, so I'll take my chances with the shot and if 40% means that one bug passes me by, that's good enough.

I can't post any photos to my blog until I get the proper photo program on this computer. I don't like the one that's on here, yet I'm way too tired to do anything about it right now.
I really hate feeling like this all the time.

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