Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Got caught in the first snow on my way home from getting a flu shot. I put my glasses on to see the snow flakes on my coat, very pretty. I say that now but by the time February gets here, I won't think they look so great anymore.Too bad my camera isn't good enough to take some pictures of them.

I told a fib at the flu shot clinic They give you a sheet to fill out with a list of questions. I checked the No box for the question "Do you have an evolving, progressing, neurological disorder such as MS "(etc. etc) ? I'm not aware that MS evolves and as for progressing, it is very slowly. If I had said yes they wouldn't have given me a shot. It's my choice to get a shot and my funeral if it ends aggravating my symptoms (see yesterday's post) ..

Making some progress at work regarding my medical accommodation. Can't say too much right
now except it's funny sometimes how a bad experience can end up having a positive result.
I'll explain everything once there is a final resolution. I'm thinking before Christmas.

Not much else going on . I was annoyed watching the Big Three automakers begging for money. Pretty much admitting there isn't any competition between them and their cars are all
pretty much the same. Gee remember a few years ago when we were told we had to learn to compete in the global market place ? We had to get lean and mean ? What happened to that ?



Hey Carole,

This side of the border, it is recommended that folks with autoimmune diseases (ie. MS) get the flu vaccine every year. We just should not use Flu Mist which has a live virus.

Taxingwoman said...

Hi! Lisa Yeah I guess the clinic is just being extra cautious as they don't know me.

Merelyme said...

Really? you can't get the flu shot if you have MS? I did not know this. It is strange with me...I never get the flu really. I can't remember the last time I have gotten a flu. Now I have probably jinxed myself.

Good to see you...I will have to catch up with your blog.

Here is my latest writing about what is going on with me and my MS...or should I and how I handle the MS

Diane J Standiford said...

How strange to be asked that. Maybe had you not fibbed they would have said, Oh, MS, that's ok. Hmmm Canada knows its stuff...

Taxingwoman said...

If I went to my doctor he would have given me the shot no problem. I went to the public clinic they have every year . They're extra cautious because the nurses don't want to be libel if
a person gets sick.
It's the convenience of being able to go across the street for a shot. I'm lazy.