Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Another Postcrossing Plug

Thanks to all the great members of Postcrossing for brightening up a dismal grey week.
I received a fantastic package from Japan, got a message from a member in Norway thanking me for Christmas goodies, another thank you from a guy in Belarus, and a couple of surprise postcards from France and the U.S.A. Tonight I was busy doing up Christmas cards for a world wide swap.
Postcrossing is snail mail at it's best. Check my Hobbies list if you are interested in joining.

Otherwise I am itchy,twitchy, and having weird pains. I don't know why I'm able to get a perfect score on a grammar and punctuation test and yet hesitate every time I use a comma.


Reut said...

I love postcrossing too!!! It is so much fun to get real snail mail... but I get very excited to send it out too.

Hope you feel wonderful tomorrow.

anthony said...

I like postcrossing too!

Mama from http://www.sirpriz.com from france
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