Sunday, November 16, 2008

Small Victories

Not so brain dead yet. Today I finally mastered a card game that I have had so much trouble trying to figure out. It's a timed solitaire game called Demons and Thieves. Funny how something can just click in my head and I realize " I've got It". Not sure how that happens but it certainly is cool when it does. I only mention it because yesterday I wrote about a small incident last week that had me so down . Nice to have a small victory that makes me feel good.
If you like card games check out this website Pretty Good Solitaire. You can download a 30 day trial of 500 solitaire card games and also my current favourite , Action Solitaire, timed card games.
If you decide to but it they give you a reference code so you don't have to worry about losing the game or switching to a different computer. Just type in the code and your good to go !
I'm not getting paid to mention this . Thought I'd pass on a good way to keep the brain cells active that isn't complicated or require a big layout of cash.

Speaking of cash I'm having to dip into my savings to cover the losses on my pay cheque due to all the unpaid leave. I should have enough money to last another few months Maybe by then they ( meaning employer) will have figured out what to do with me.
The Finance Minister announced yesterday, that besides other government budget cutbacks there will be a freeze on public service wages. At least I got my increment for this coming year.

People have been trying to convince me to join Facebook, but I'm not keen to do it. My son says it's just a way for people to spy on you and how much of my personal life do I want to reveal to the folks at work? I don't mind being friendly,however I like to keep certain people at arms length. I was the victim of gossip when I went through my divorce and it really sucks. Don't want to get burned again by people who claim to be my friends and aren't. Think I'll stick to blogging and my post card club.

Well time to get ready for work tomorrow. Can't believe that I actually know who some of those Transformers are.

Santa Claus parade

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