Monday, November 24, 2008


Note to myself : Do not buy anymore clothing that needs lots of ironing, even if it looks good .
I wasted 20 minutes tonight fussing over a blouse. No wonder I hardly ever wear it.
I remember when my mother got her first clothes dyer. How happy she was to be able to eliminate hours of ironing. We missed the fresh smell of clothes off the line, but not too much.

I deleted two of my blogs today. It was distressing to read them and realize that I was repeating myself . I do it on this blog too. Have to try and be more careful in the future and avoid old fogey syndrome .
My son has just handed me his weird list of book requests for Santa ( me). I guess I should be glad he's such an avid reader.

That's it for today not much happening except I did a blood pressure reading at the pharmacy while I was waiting for my prescription and it is very low, almost too low. Perhaps I didn't have my arm in the cuff correctly. I'm going to try again later in the week.

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