Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Doctors Should be More Like Dentists

Let's start with a bit of dental trivia or rather, something I didn't know. Be careful going out in the cold after having a local anesthetic. You can easily get frostbite.

First my dental update and then I move on to my doctor diatribe.

I have two teeth back in service, one that is on a death watch, and two that have to come out. I'm planning to get implants for those. The process to have implants done is very long and expensive. The benefit is that once they are in, they are good for at least twenty years.

I'm glad my dentist, likes being a dentist. It makes a big difference in how you are treated.

Only wish there were more doctors who liked their work or at least tried a little harder. Too many of them have become pill and test pushers and do very little to help patients get better. By better; I mean in the real sense of figuring out ways to either halt the progression of illness or at least allow the patient to have a decent quality of life.

Telling a person they might end up in a wheel chair and then sending them for counseling is not helping; that's passing the buck. Pressuring a patient to take certain drugs and when they refuse tell them they are not trying to get better; is not helping. Acting like a stern parent "I know what is best for you"; is not helping.

Here we are with the possibility of a very simple operation that might stop the progression of MS. Why can't I have access to this treatment? I'm willing to sign any waiver, assume all the risk, which on examination appears to be very little risk and has a high probability of working.

I'm talking about the procedure that is similar to an angioplasty. A doctor would insert a stent in my neck vein, which would allow increased blood flow from my brain back to my body. It has been proven that 100 % of MS sufferers have compromised blood flow of venous blood from the brain. 100%!! It has been shown that patients who have had this procedure can halt the progression of their MS.

Did you know that they can even tell what type of MS you will have by where blood pools in your brain ?

So what are we waiting for? How dare these doctors and MS organizations tell me to proceed with caution !! If I was willing to take all the poisonous drugs they think might( a very big might) help me, they wouldn't say that would they ?

No!! Go ahead girl and take all this garbage, ruin your internal organs, get type 2 diabetes, have insomnia, constipation, high blood pressure, mental disorders. We have drugs for all that stuff too! Don't worry if you are having a hard time. We will send you to a shrink and the shrink will give you even more drugs as part of your therapy.

Have a small operation to fix your MS? Oh!!! You better think hard about that one and anyway we won't let you do it even if you decide you want to.

How do you think I feel after reading a report from the MS Society that 80% of people with MS can no longer work, have trouble getting disability payments, tax credits, and decent care. Your caregiver gets hassled if they try to claim the tax credit. You are made to look like a moocher if you try to avail yourself of any of these things. You must fight, fight, for your rights. Some future to look forward to Huh?

And then they have the nerve to tell me to think positive!!
(There's a pill for that !)

I'll start thinking positive, when you stop treating me like a child !!!!!

So now my quest is to find a doctor that will do this for me. Wish me luck.


Rei said...

Good luck with your dental implants, Carole! I hope everything goes smoothly for you! And I agree with you about doctors...


bluebird said...

am myself a dr. wish you luck.

Taxingwoman said...

Thank You bluebird and also for visiting my blog