Monday, February 1, 2010

A Plug

Today I received a very nice email from Daily Writing Tips, asking if I would give them a plug and possibly post a link to their site. Well I did do that awhile ago but it can't hurt to do it again, especially since they are celebrating 1000 posts!

If you like to write, feel the need to brush up on your grammar, or if you just find the English language fascinating, you will enjoy this site. Subscribe to the daily writing tip. I admit I have learned a few things. Amazing how the language evolves with new words and expressions emerging all the time.

Just think; twenty years ago nobody had a blog, or tweeted, or networked. Good grief! I can remember when we didn't have p.c.'s. All my work inventory was on stock cards and a typing pool did my letters. I had massive file cabinets filled with dockets. Now I can get by with a small lateral one and much of it is filled with junk(don't tell my boss).

We have to remember to try and not get sloppy with our writing. Email is so casual and txtng!! :) lol ;). Is tweeting turning us into twits? I get carried away with commas and brackets. I admit it. In my defense; I did get an almost perfect score on the grammar, spelling, and punctuation test at work. One of the very few with a level 3 in English. Not bad, considering my mushy brain and I'm surrounded by CGA's with accounting degrees, who can't even write a sentence( Hey you guys!! Can you please look up the definition of denotes? You will be surprised to find out it isn't a verb!! and No, not every silly little thing that happens is ironic!!)

So go ahead, try this site. They aren't trying to sell anything and I'm not getting a commission from them. Oh yeah! You can download a free pdf. grammar guide too. The link is in my "Other Stuff I Like" links and here


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