Wednesday, February 24, 2010

An MS Vetran

Today I'm posting a link to Anne's blog Disabled Not Dead. She has a very good post about her long history with MS and the things she does to cope. You might get some good tips there. She has given me some helpful ones.

The Niagara photos I posted where from a day trip I took last Saturday. I had heard about the casino bus and thought I would give it a try. Well, if that isn't the best deal in town! $10.00 round trip and the beauty is you don't even have to go in the casino. If you want to register they give you your $10.00 back as a gift card and you can get a good deal on a lunch buffet. I didn't bother. What I did is check out the nice mall that is part of the casino complex.

Then I went out and took about a hundred photos of the Falls. I have only ever been there during the winter in the evening, for New Years or when they do the Christmas lights. They really do look amazing in day time with the snow and icy mist.

After that I went up on Clifton Hill where all the crazy attractions are. Didn't do any of those because I was really there to look for postcards. Yeah, I have a crazy addiction to postcards since I joined Postcrossing.

And that else did I find by accident? A head shop that sells seeds. Yes, someone, somewhere, is going to grow Marijuana plants for me again this year. Last year's crop turned out fair. This year we know more about it, so I hoping to get a big enough crop to last me the entire season. That way I know what I'm getting and I don't have to worry about any additives in my dope. When you buy it from others, even dependable sources, you never know what your getting until you smoke the stuff.

This isn't a grow op. It's just a few plants scattered around outside for medicinal use. Kind of like the old ladies with the still, who make moonshine and call it medicine.

The man at the store was so nice. An older guy, who like me smokes for various health problems. It was funny, because a bunch of young people came in the store acting like they were so cool because they knew about all the drug paraphernalia that was on sale, unaware that at the counter a couple of old folks were talking serious dope.

Stupid conservative government in Canada not going ahead with decriminalizing. What hypocrisy, considering we are becoming more like America, awash in prescription medications and at the same time wagging our fingers in disapproval at drugs. Yes, take drugs, just don't have any fun doing it, and don't worry about all the side effects of those pills the doctors give you that don't work.

I'm not suggesting people sit around doing dope. Moderation in all things is my motto. I just think we need to relax and treat people like adults and have an intelligent discussion of it. If people want to ruin their lives, let them. They are doing it anyway. I'm advocating tight regulation similar to that with cigarettes No sales to minors, restrictions on use, and education about the product.

OK back to my Falls trip. I had decent meal in the casino food court and sat the rest of the time writing postcards while I waited for the bus. The atmosphere is very casual. Nobody seems to mind if you hang around as long as you aren't a nuisance. The casino staff and the bus driver were very friendly.

So if you want a cheap day trip and want to see one Mother Nature's wonders. Check out the casino bus to Niagara Falls. I had a good time, but as usual, I needed two days to recover.


Anonymous said...

Hi Carole: Thank you for the mention!

I love your photos from Niagara Falls and what a great find in the bus trip! A nice way to spend a Saturday.

We had a great meal at the casino buffet when we went. Our hotel was on Clifton Hill which is very commercialized and very expensive to eat/shop/etc. Burger King BK Broiler meal deal was over $10!!! So the casino buffet was great for $10 and we loved it.

THC - Herrad swears by it and so do a few of my other friends here locally. My son would love if I were to use it medicinally, so he would have unlimited access, but that's not gonna happen. LOL He also uses a vaporizor.

I tell him stories of when pot used to cost $5 for "nickel bag" and it was about a quarter ounce. He pays $80 for an eighth! He's begging to let him grow it here but since it is still illegal, the answer is no.

New Jersey (just across the bridge) just legalized it for medicinal use - you have to be NJ resident so PA residents can't just come over, get a card, and get it. So, now he is pushing me to move to NJ. LOL.

For me, MS pain is manageable with exercise, Aleve (or ibuprofen) and I only resort to the hydrocodone about 1x to 2x a month. I use Neurotin two hours b4 bed and I have good results from it.

Again, thank you for mention on your blog and for your nice comments on my blog. I've deleted so many rude comments, that coming across yours was indeed a welcome pleasure.


Taxingwoman said...

Hi! Anne
Why do people want to be rude to you ?

You always say that what you do is not what you think others should do.

Diane J Standiford said...

I WANT TO GROW MY OWN POT! Doggone it, I KNOW it would help my spasticty with few side effects. It is LEGAL here by prescription. But I WANT TO GROW MY OWN! Ell, my old timer relatives used OPIUM! They lived long, happy lives. #$%^&* Puritan ignorance. I wish I had Anne's son and I'd let him grow me some. Some of the folks at my retirement place (avg age 80) are discussing it...if they would just make some brownies...I am FIFTY THREE!! I never drank, smoked, used drugs, IN THE '60s---don't I desrve it??!! Humph.

I can't figure out why Anne gets rude comments either! She is so sweet. WTH? I never get rude comments and I can get very controversial. And look how sweet she LOOKS! People are weird.