Friday, February 26, 2010

Rick Green Hosts ADD/ ADHD Workshop

Ran across this article in The Star health news

Rich Green, was part of the cast of two t.v. shows I always loved. "The Red Green Show" which is a comedy about dumb guys and the host and writer of "Prisoners of Gravity" a cool science fiction program.

He also has ADHD and is holding a workshop about it and ADD, at the Ontario Science Centre.

I never knew that people with ADHD tend to go into jobs that are high risk for stress, like police officers and para medics. Apparently they thrive on that high stress and are the best people to have around during a crisis.

The way Rick Green describes ADHD I'm wondering if maybe I have it in a lesser form. So many of his experiences are similar to mine and one thing I do know; I am very good in a crisis. This isn't bragging. It's just something I know about myself. When ever anything bad is going on around me, I seem to go into this state that I can only describe as automatic pilot. I know what I have to do and I do it. No screaming no panicking. I was always the one at home who checked if there was an odd noise at night or creepy crawlies lurking. I enjoy the rush of fear and other extreme emotions. Not that I think that is a good thing. I also know that I do enjoy stressful situations. I can give numerous examples, but as usual I'm too darn tired.

Maybe MS has dampened my adrenaline cravings? Now, I'm not making light of these conditions; ADD or ADHD. I know what a struggle it can be for people. I just find it very interesting when a person shares their experiences and I can relate to them in a way that shocks me. Suddenly a light turns on in my head and I think "Hey that's me!"

So lets keep talking and sharing. So long as we don't judge. Keeping things hidden in the closet doesn't do any good, and it the end it all comes out anyway. Often in a bad way.


Dorothy said...

One of the reasons I blog is to keep sharing the good bad and the ugly..well said.

Dorothy from grammology

Diane J Standiford said...

I've wondered if I have a touch of it too. I do thrive in high stress situations. (Always have wondered why.)Yes! We must always let stuff out!