Thursday, October 9, 2008

Italian Kitchen Secrets and Free Turkey

Here's a link to Italian Kitchen Secrets , a blog by a member of the postcard club, which I have added to my Hobbies blog list as well. The stuffed mushrooms look really yummy !

This evening even though I was exhausted, I went shopping at the local supermarket. I wanted to use up the free grocery points I had accumulated, which I mentioned in a previous post. It was just enough to pay for all the fixings for Thanks Giving dinner this weekend. I had forgotten what an awful tiring business grocery shopping is, as I've been doing it online for years. My son came with me to help carry everything. Both of us couldn't wait to get out of the place. So many annoying people who block the aisles , stand staring at the items on the shelves, or reading the labels on tins (yeah man they're peas, are you buying them or what ?). Then you get the love birds who hold hands while they shop, smiling at each other and kissing. I can't think of anything less romantic than grocery shopping.

Now I have a turkey to cook and pumpkin pies to make. I have a couple of days to rest up before I take that on. I might even be able to get out and take a few snaps of the fall colours as it's going to be a lovely mild weekend. Today walking home from work I didn't even need a jacket and I was able to leave the screen door open when I got home. . Just hope the guy who's suppose to come over to fix the dishwasher tomorrow shows up. I had to wash dishes by hand tonight, another thing I haven't done for years.

That's what I will be Thankful for this weekend. Labour saving devices.



Wow, you're talking about Thanks Giving and fall colors and stuff. I'm thinking, wait a minute, what month is this? LOL. For a moment I thought I was losing it.

Canadian Thanksgiving - 2nd monday in October
American Thanksgiving - 4th thursday in November

Diane J Standiford said...

Ummmm, I smell it. Juicy.

Taxingwoman said...

Yes ladies it was delicious in spite of the mess.

claudia said...

I'm the owner of italian kitchen secrets: really pleased you quoted my blog, I always think no one is reading it!^^
thank you very much!!

Taxingwoman said...

Hi! claudia
I always enjoy discovering new blogs. You have good recipes