Monday, October 27, 2008

Tech Woes

I'm using my son's laptop because my own computer is acting up. I think it's on the way out.
Tomorrow I have to buy a cable to connect the new (old) computer to the router and then I will have a faster , stronger computer( see previous post Computer Black hole).

Too bad I can't do that with my brain. Boost the memory and make it faster. My short term memory or rather lack of, is getting worse. I know this sounds crazy but either I didn't take my pills on Sunday or I took them three times, that's how bad my memory is getting. No wonder I feel dizzy. Now I have to do what all the old ladies do , put my pills in little boxes with each day marked.
Just imagine if I had to take more than one kind of pills !

Well I'm on the clock here. My son wants to play Spore and this is the only computer that can handle it. He's already evolved to the space stage taking on the Borg and I'm stuck at the tribal stage. At least I was able to figure out all my crypto quiz puzzles this month, so I'm not totally brain dead, yet.


Mima said...

Sorry to hear that your computer is causing problems, mine recently did the same thing, I was very glad that I was under warantee and that I had been a good girl about backing things up - if it is still working at all, back things up!!

I have lots of pills to take, so I have a dosset box, we used to pack them at home, but recently have switched over to having the chemist pack them which seems to work well.

Taxingwoman said...

Hi! Mima Thanks for the advice