Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Last Test

Today I had the last of the tests, a lumbar puncture, which was no big deal. I had a reaction to the freezing. Everything was going fine and suddendly I felt so hot and faint. Luckily I was sitting on a bed so the doctor had me lie back for a few minutes. I sat up again and he finished taking the sample. .When he was done I felt faint again and was sweating like crazy . I've always been a fainter. My astrology friend tells me it's a Libra trait

I was pleased when they took a blood sample, in that the nurse took it from the top of my right hand instead of in my arm. It's so much more comfortable that way. After wards I had to lie there for about an hour just to make sure I was no longer wobbly. The doctor came back to check on me and then told me to go home and take it easy.

My doctor is a great guy .I'm so in love with him. Before he did the test he sat down and had a talk with me . It's a good feeling to have a doctor who actually listens . (No not THE Dr. Who, although I wouldn't mind if he were my doctor) . His voice is so soothing and I really do believe that he cares. Once the tests results are in he's going to suggest treatments (read drugs) he already knows that I''m not a believer in the MS drugs so it will be interesting to find out what he has in mind. He's pleased that many of my symptoms have calmed down but is still concerned about the fatigue and cognitive issues.

I also have to compliment Hamilton General hospital. The staff are friendly and professional.
It comes a close second to St. Mike's in Toronto . The only thing that is the same at Hamilton General, like all hospitals, they have lousy signs ! Trying to find your way around is like a maze.

Not much else to comment on . We have another Conservative minority government, which means most likely another election soon. The Greens didn't make any headway even with Elizabeth May taking part in the debates.
I haven't been watching or reading the news much, as all they talk about is economic doom and gloom.

I feel pretty good More positive than I have felt in a long while.


Diane J Standiford said...

That is great news. I've heard such bad things about lumbar punctures (pain); so wonderful to have a Dr. you trust.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to read you have a doc who listens. That's alot of the battle with us MSer's - doc's don't want to listen.

Now -- let's see what he has to offer after the test results! That's the part WE are supposed to listen to - but it doesn't mean we have to say yes if we don't want the drugs.

Fainting spell - you're an easy faint! LOL Hope you are feeling better, Anne

Merelyme said...

i am so glad you have a good doc and that you are doing well. i am curious about what treatments he suggest. i am not on any MS drugs yet.

Taxingwoman said...

Thanks ladies Yes it's true I'm a big fainter, everything makes me faint. LOL

I'll let everybody what the doctor has up his sleeve Should be another couple of weeks before I find out.