Saturday, October 11, 2008

No More Wax

Almost burned the house down today. I was heating wax on the stove. Instead of putting it on low heat I turned it to high by mistake. I went upstairs and by the time I came back the wax was boiling. I shut the heat off, put on an oven mitt, and picked up the pot. Trying to get it over to the sink I spilled some wax and it caught fire, then that spread to the pot, and then to some paper on the kitchen counter. I dumped the pot in the sink , which made things worse. I grabbed the water sprayer turned the cold water on high and manged to get the flames out. My kitchen is a mess and I burned my wrist yet luckily there's no serious damage. I spent a couple of hours cleaning burnt wax off everything. Tomorrow I will have to repaint one of the cupboards as the paint is singed. I had to throw out a lot of stuff

I'm always calm during an emergency. It's only after when it's over that I get freaked out.Amazing how fast a fire can spread.

Never will I buy depilatory wax again. They should put a warning on the label of how flammable it is, or is that inflammable ? Always get those two mixed up

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Reut said...

Happy Thanksgiving Carole!!! You know, when I first moved to the US I thought the holiday was kind of silly, but after a while I decided to join the fun and now this is one of my favorites :oP (Hey any reason to gather around with good friends, family and just enjoy ourselves. I'm assuming that Thanksgiving in Canada is very similar to the one in the US, but as my brother says: assumption makes an @ss out of you and me, please correct me if I'm wrong.

Anyways, your story of the wax was very realistic and I was actually rubbing my wrist in pain when I was done reading it. I think we forget how much power a fire has. Glad that you are okay!