Tuesday, October 14, 2008

There's Always Chocolate

Here's a few shots from the trail at Churchill Park. I decided against going down to the harbour this weekend as an algae bloom has covered everything in green slime . Yuck! The fall colours would have been amazing but after my kitchen wax explosion, which was green wax, I wasn't in the mood to see even more mess.

My Thanksgiving turkey was delicious as were my pumpkin pies. I really enjoyed the long weekend in spite of my kitchen disaster. The mild 20 C weather was a bonus

That MRI might not tell you much according to a New York Times story. I have to agree that MRI's are overused and often unnecessary. I've had three and only the first one was of any use .

Another story about rising chocolate sales due to gloomy economic news. One shop in Britain even has a "Credit Crunch" treat. I could go for some of those right now after my gloomy day at work . No comment.
Thursday I go for the last test (for now) a lumbar puncture. I don't know what else besides an autopsy, will satisfy my employer.
Think I'll have a chocolate now, a Lindt milk chocolate pumpkin, maybe two. The election results will be on soon so that's my excuse for indulging.
And speaking of elections. You think we have mud slinging, check these guys out

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