Saturday, October 10, 2009

100 or 1000 years ?

Last night's Mega Art crawl was a washout due to heavy rain, so instead today I'm going to talk about the environment or rather about three news stories I read, heard, and saw this morning. Yeah I'm a news junkie. Not sure if it does me any good. Like all addicts I rationalize my habit trying to convince myself that being in the know matters. Then I realize that what goes on in the world is out of my control, that human behaviour is unpredictable, and we are doomed to continue making the same mistakes. Then again, maybe not. So I keep listening, reading, watching.

Oh and while I'm writing this Martha Stewart, is on the tube introducing her show "Everyday Food" That's were she does all the talking and other people do the cooking. Yeah, they do the cooking because you need an army to make one of these meals. These shows discourage cooking by making it all seem so complicated and requiring many gadgets and appliances. No wonder people eat so much junk food.

My first eco news story is taken from The Toronto Star. Hippie Eco Activist Stewart Brand, who wrote the Whole Earth catalog, says "The Greens" should grow up. He advocates building more nuclear power plants to save the planet. He justifies this stance by stating that it doesn't matter if nuclear waste will be around for 1,00 years because we most likely will only last another 100. Very encouraging words !!

Next is Guy Laliberte founder of Cirque du Soliel who paid $35 mil to become an astronaut on the International Space Station Here's a link to his space show to promote One Drop, an organization that works to clean up our water.

Finally, the most interesting eco story I saw was on BBC world. Masai warriors, who once hunted lions are now doing there bit to save them. They have been equipped with electronic tracking devices to determine where the lions are and what they are up to. Their hunting skills make the Masai ideal for this task. It is hoped this will help cut down on poaching and allow researchers to figure out how to preserve the big cats in the wild. Sorry I can't find a link to this story it was a t.v. newscast.

Now I have to tend to my clogged kitchen sink by pouring "eco friendly" drain cleaner down it. Wow! it sure doesn't smell like friendly stuff


Diane J Standiford said...

LOL Grreat post. It really is confusing. I'm a news junkie too, but less so a I get older. Looking back over my life, seeing how things go in circles, the screeching pundits, the silly Martha's and all her helpers making "easy/quick" meals...much is just laughable now. Gone in 1,000 years? Not likely. 100? Then why bother? LOL

Leisha Camden said...

That is so wonderful about the Masai tribe and the lions. Stories like that give me hope for the human race. :-)