Thursday, October 1, 2009

Furnace Day

October 1st and I celebrated by turning on the heat!It was only a couple of weeks ago I had the air conditioning going full blast. Crazy weather.

Finally the letter I have been waiting for arrived. A strange thing happened with the original one. A lady showed up at my house today and handed me an opened envelope. She was very apologetic saying she opened it by mistake. This lady lives two streets away from me, so how the heck did my letter get mailed to her place ? I took her word for it but it does bug me that she opened the envelope.

I'm feeling much better, though still very weak. Had to take things slow today.
The news is that a second wave of swine flu has hit our area. I'm pretty certain I don't have it, not that it would be such a bad thing. It would be worth having swine flu to be over and done with it and not need to get a shot. Everyday there's a news story about swine flu and I'm really getting fed up. I might go over to the clinic tomorrow and get myself checked, just out of curiosity.

Hope I can go to the art gallery tomorrow too because it's free night and they have some new exhibits.
That's it for me. I'm too tired to type anymore


Rachael said...

I just got my heat turned on the other day! Isn't it nice? And what the fuck is up with that lady opening your mail? I bet she just did it to see if there was money or a check in there... I hope you don't have the swine flu, get better, you hear!

Taxingwoman said...

Hi! Rachael That's what I think too
Thanks I feel better today

Diane J Standiford said...

NO YOU DIDN'T!! Santa count down?! H E L P !!!