Sunday, October 25, 2009

Update and Mini Movie Review

Today when I feel the worst I have in ages, I thought I may as well update my blog.

Got my computer back from the shop. The guy was able to put things back almost as they were before the crash.
Still no front stairs. The weather has been so awful, cold rainy and extreme wind. Not good stair building weather. Today is lovely, only it's Sunday, so I suppose the workers are resting. I'm too tired to care.

It never fails! I feel good, get carried away doing things, and then pay for it the next day AND today I'm paying big time. I can barely move. It took me half an hour to psyche myself to get out of bed. I am so profoundly tired, it is beyond description.

Otherwise not much happening. I did watch a very good horror movie last night.
"The Host" a Korean film about a mutant lizard that emerges from the Han river, scoops people up, and dumps them in a sewer to eat later.
What makes it a good film is that it isn't over the top scary and you beleive that something like this could actually happen. The lizard isn't that big, about the size of a car, but fast and clever. The main characters, a dysfunctional family,who get a phone call from their little girl telling them she is still alive. They search for her, bickering and fighting all the way. The authorities screw everything up, refusing to believe that the girl is alive. The ending is unexpected and unconventional. I won't tell you in case you decide to check it out, which I suggest you do. Movie watching is a great escape when you feel crummy.


Rachael said...

Hope you feel better, Carole! And that movie sounds great! It's right up my alley! I'll have to track it down...

Taxingwoman said...

Hi! Rachael Yeah I think you would enjoy it.