Friday, October 9, 2009

Nobel Also Rans

With today's news of Obama winning the Nobel peace prize, I thought I'd post a link to a story of Nobel also rans, who should have one.

Does the president of the United States really deserve a Nobel ? and if so Why ?


Diane J Standiford said...

Because he sat with men who want to kill the people of his country and TALKED with them. Then he talked more when they wanted to build weapons to kill millions. He has taken on ugly of ugly wars that he didn't start or ask for and has tried to give peace to the warring peoples. He has spent enormous time reaching out to the world, holding back threats even when he has weapons and armies of his own, to say, "I am a man of peace, join me." And he did all this while his own country is in debt, out of work, its dollar crashing, its businesses crumbling. He deserves it. He is setting the best of examples, he walks the talk. He is humble and will accept, I predict, with great humility.

Rachael said...

I really don't think he deserves it... What has he done to receive such an honor? Replace Bush? Give out more handouts than any other president? Seriously, he was all hype and he hasn't delivered on a damn thing he promised during his campaign...

Diane J Standiford said...

The also rans are always as deserving, but there must be a winner. Hockey anyone?

Taxingwoman said...

Sorry Diane if there's one thing I can't agree on is that Obama is humble No way. The guy is a peacock, which isn't a bad thing.

occam said...

When I first heard that Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize, I thought I must not have heard right. The day before yesterday I saw a comedian (who previously did a good job of bashing Bush) making fun of Obama for not accomplishing a single thing that he promised while campaigning for election. Who are these people who pick the Nobel prize winners???

Lori said...

I think the reasons why he won are two fold. It's the international community saying "Fuck you Bushco." and "Welcome back to the rest of the world, America. We now have lots of work to do."

I can't think of anyone else who has captured the imagination of the rest of the world from Feb 2, 2008 to Feb 1, 2009, so he's as good a choice as any.

Without looking, who won it last year?

That's right, you don't know (and I didn't know) because he's not from a large, important nation.

Two years ago it was Al Gore and the UN climate change initiative.

Taxingwoman said...

Hi! Lori
Yeah what has Al Gore done lately ?
I think the cult of Obama is overblown The man can only do so much and if certain initiatives fail( and they will) it will be a hard fall for him .Just like Jimmy Carter, who also won the prize.
I can't comprehend political cultism and leader worship.

Taxingwoman said...

Hi! occam
The talk in the international press
(not the biased American media) is that the Nobel is a desperate political stunt . There will be war in Afghanistan possibly in Iran and Pakistan There will be no peace accord in the Middle East either.
This was just a way to pacify people into thinking there will be world peace.

Diane J Standiford said...

Next time your child brings home an award from school, ask yourself if he/she deserved it. Peace takes sacrifice. The U.S. has sacrificed so much, we are desperate for jobs, houses, honest politicians, our dignity. To bring peace you must bring hope. Do we idolize Obama? After all the muck we have trudged through since 9-11, feeling we were locked in our own country with our home phones being wiretapped, our desired actions being swept under a bush, blowing up innocent woman and children while our flag waved in "victory," we needed a leader to rise us up again, wash us off, put us back on the track we ached for. WE WERE PRISONERS. And now, some Americans scream that Obama didn't deserve the prize. Just smash the compass now. Maybe some other country will clean up our mess. We are trillions in debt thanks to a war WE didn't want. Yet, still we send our troops, aid, money, to countries in need. Our leader has sat with more countries leaders than the last leader did in EIGHT YEARS. Why? To show the way to progress is through peace. Thanks for all your help to us in our goal. Oh, right, we need to do it on our own. Hello? Pres., about those gay care...HELLO? Get off your lazy, what? Not humble? He could be a rock star over here. He prefers a quiet dinner with his wife. Well, time will tell as they say.

Diane J Standiford said...

PS peacocks can't help that they are so lovely. Obama can't help that his body is like a black Greek God. :)

Taxingwoman said...

Well Diane it's obvious you love Obama.
I have nothing against the guy. I just am not into politicians. While America has sacrificed, so have other countries. Canada has been in Afghanistan for years (which I don't support) and most Americans don't even know that. Maybe you would get more respect and cooperation from others if you would stop it always being about you, always what America wants. The way everybody else does things sucks. Only the American way is right. Then the world looks at you with people going to free health clinics because they can't get coverage and the joke response to hurricane Katrina and your two faced approach to bringing democracy to the world .Well what do you expect ? You had eight years of Bush and who's fault is that? Your own. You didn't make much of an effort to get rid or the guy when you had a chance. Anyone who criticized him or the war in Iraq was branded traitor, Canada was threaten with sanctions because we didn't join you in Iraq and one of our minsters lost her job for calling Bush a bastard. Until the very end when it suddenly became cool to bash Bush.
Obama is reaching out? Really?

What's the difference between a war in Iraq or one in Afghanistan and possibly Iran and Pakistan ?

Just wait till the bills come due The government creating all that fake money The bill will come due My friend is a university professor and he was told last week take a salary cut or take on more work The State budget is being cut.
Obama is using flowery words instead of tough love which is what you need.

He won't say much about gay marriage because the very people who voted against it in California are the ones who support Obama most African American Christians who are against gay marriage. .

Diane J Standiford said...

Oh, ok, hey, I don't speak for all Americans. I must say this---many liberals TRIED to stop Bush, but we couldn't do it. We tried. And I know Canada served, died, we were very sad about that. We love Canada like a brother. If I came across too strong, I apologize. And yes I love Obama. But I would move to Canada in the blink of an eye if I could.