Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Where Oh Where Has My Litttle Letter Gone!

Day three of "The Cold", the most boring story ever told. That won't stop me telling it.(**whining alert**)
Got up early to call my boss for another sick day, used the bathroom, and then went back to bed. Slept till 11:00. That extra sleep really helped, as I was feeling so weak. At least today the sensation of having a watermelon stuffed up my nose is gone.

Well wishers call and ask if they can help with offers of food and rides. Do I need to go to the doctor? No thanks. that's the last place I need to go. Besides, when you cough or sneeze these days people automatically assume you have swine flu and want to seal you in a plastic bag and ship you to the emergency. Food ? No, I have lots and there is always delivery. I would add that I'm a better cook than all of them but that would be really rude. Please go away and leave me to rot in peace.

I can be such a misanthrope when ill.

That's not such a good thing. Being independent can be a blessing, it's gotten me through many bad times, but it can also be a curse. I'm not very good at asking for help, yet I know the day will come when I will have to. Just hope I recognize that day and don't wait too long.

What is really frustrating, is how the everyday annoyances of life become magnified when I'm sick.

I've been waiting for an important letter(local mail) for two weeks now. The first attempt at sending it failed and now the second attempt, this time by registered mail, seems to be headed the same way. I can get parcels from all over the world in less than a week, but for some reason a letter from a few hundred kilometers away never gets here. I have a tracking number that I can look up on the Canada Post website, only I'm not in the mood for that B.S.

So I will fritter away the day watching movies, write a few postcards, and catch up on email.

Oh grammar police !! Please if you don't like the way I write my blog go elsewhere.
I like my blog to read the way I speak. Yeah lots of contractions, excessive use of the words : "but" "so" "just" "because" and lousy punctuation.

One day if you're nice, I'll let you read my short stories.
For a fee !!


Rachael said...

I'm sorry to hear that you're still feeling lousy and about your mail troubles... The postal service seems to get worse by the year. Hope you feel better soon. And just a note on the last part of your post, write however you feel like writing. Even if it's not grammatically correct, it's still better than half the idiots that are out there on the web these days...

Taxingwoman said...

Thank You Rachael for the kind words