Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Another Meeting

A friend sent me this cartoon. Normally I avoid Dilbert . It's way too much like the office where I work. I thought since I have yet another meeting to review my tele work on Friday, that this cartoon was appropriate. You would be amazed at how many people who claim they love being in the office, hate that anyone is permitted to work at home.
Can people ever mind their own business? What I mean is they don't want to get involved when it's time to be outspoken for a good purpose, but they sure love to gossip and complain about things that in no way affect their own life. Why do they so enjoy screwing up something for another person? It doesn't improve their lot.

I tried a cooling tip today. I placed a frozen bottle of water in front of my fan at work. It gives an extra cooling boost, lasts for hours, and can be refrozen. I really appreciated it too, after walking to work with this the muggy weather.

Major melt down.

Want to give a plug to a volunteer group Katimavik. If you know a young Canadian who is under the age of 21 and is looking for an adventure and doing some good at the same time, tell them to check it out.


Cranky said...

Good luck defending your telecommuting. I've found you really have to be as accessible as you can manage in order to keep people from thinking you're goofing off at home. I am always careful to respond to instant messages as quickly as possible and walk around the house all day with my headset in my ear and my blackberry in my breast pocket.

DeadTraumFrau said...

I think it's just human nature to gossip and talk behind other people's backs. Somebody's always got it better than somebody else, and that certain somebody can't stand it. I think it's something we never grow out of as children. You know, I have a Barbie, but she's got a Barbie with a Corvette! That little bitch! I'll steal it if I can't get my own! I hate Barbie...

Taxingwoman said...

Hi! Cranky yeah I do the same as you I also have to track all my production on my time sheets.
My problem is nosy parker co workers who don't think it's fair I get to work from home even though they don't want to do it.

DeadTraumFrau True everybody gossips but it's when they turn gossip into truth that's when it's damaging. It serves no purpose other than to cause harm .