Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Oh Yeah Now It's Hot and Humid !!

The sun is in Libra, my sign, which means it's Fall. So why did the weather have to turn so hot and humid?

Yesterday I had to go to court as an observer. I decided to do a few errands first, the bank, dollar store, etc. Big mistake!! I was overheated, bathed in sweat,dizzy, disoriented. Had to sit down in the mall and pull myself together. Thank God for air conditioning !! After a few sips of water and a pat down with some tissues, I continued on to the court house.
It was raining out, a light drizzle that turned the atmosphere into a steam bath. I was stressed out because they had made a big deal about us arriving on time for the afternoon session and I hadn't planned on my mall rest stop. By the time I got to the court I looked like I had been caught in the rain, I was so drenched in sweat. At least I and had a few minutes to spare. Went in the bathroom to pull myself together. I hate public bathrooms. They're always a mess and there's never any place to put your stuff without it getting wet or yuck!!, having to put it on the floor.
Turns out it wasn't such a big deal about arriving on time. Half the people showed up late. Not that I minded, since I hate being late for things.

Sat in the court feeling sick. I wanted to take my clothes off, lie down, have a cool drink . Couldn't do any of those things . That's when the MS thing really sucks because I can't just grin and bear it. I knew I would pay the price later and I did.

Walking home afterwards, I was so tired, dizzy, and in pain. Fed up. Had some dinner. Once again thank God, that there was food ready that just had to be heated up. After, I crashed out on the sofa, like a total dead weight. My head spinning and doing that weird thing were it feels like there are mini explosions or I'm passing out briefly. So tired and I was already exhausted from that wedding shower on Sunday.

It's not at all fun when I think that my options are to stay home and never do anything. Yeah I would feel less tired, but then my life would suck even more.

Looking at the weather report I see that I have an entire week of this to look forward to. Goody !!


DeadTraumFrau said...

Ugh, I hate the heat... That's the one thing I really like about New Hampshire - it doesn't get ridiculously hot... We had maybe a week worth of real heat in August, but other than that it's been fairly temperate.

I'm glad you're all right, though. Try to stay cool and don't overdo it!

Diane J Standiford said...

LOL, weather! Is it REALLY necessary? Yeah, staying home is not good. Luckily, heat issues leave no permanent damage. Oooo, I loved watching court cases. Would do it 4 fun.

Taxingwoman said...

Hi! ladies DeadTraumFrau thanks for the well wishes
Diane you would love this case Only wish I could tell you about it, but I'm not allowed.