Monday, September 7, 2009

While I Sweat

Or should I be more lady like and say perspire? Nah, it really feels like sweat and there's nothing lady like about it. I have been this way all my life. My mother said I was the sweatiest kid ever. Now it is excessive, non stop. No wonder I feel so weak.

Here are some amazing nature photos Except for the last one, which shows how disgusting we humans are.

Wish I had the patience to do work like this. Patience is in short supply these days.

I decided to remove Ad sense from my blog, as it is stupid and pointless.


Herrad said...

Hi Carole,
I am sweating all the time even whenits c ool.
Thats the ms isn't.
I took adsense off but now there are constant adverts by edit post which annoys me
Hope its a good day for you.

Taxingwoman said...

Thanks Herrad I have had other MS'ers tell me they sweat all the time too.

Paul said...

Hi Carole! I was just sleepless here in balmy Houston, although, today I don't think it went much up past 80 F (27 C) here today. We have had too many days of over 100 F (38 C) this summer. Just estimating, I would say at least 15 days over 100 and another 40 days over 95 (35 C). It gets hot here, and humid! I enjoyed reading your blog and would like to return!

1 said...

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