Sunday, January 10, 2010

Fish "N" Chips

On a lighter note Fish "N" Chips celebrate a 150 years of good eating.

That was one of the benefits of growing up in an English neighborhood when I was a girl. My Italian/French Catholic parents, treated us to this almost every Friday.
Old school Catholics eat fish on Friday. Do they still do it now? I'm a lapsed one, so I have no clue if the rituals are the same.

Mmmmm smothered in salt and malt vinegar with a bit of ketchup. The crispy batter encasing yummy Halibut( Brits prefer Cod). The fresh cut fries not too greasy, but fatty enough to be satisfying.
I don't buy it very often anymore A serving of halibut and chips is $10.00 which makes it the most expensive fast food now. It use to be the cheapest, when I was young.

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