Monday, January 4, 2010

Winter Blues

Had a case of the winter blues today. It always happens to me after the holidays. The weeks building up to Christmas with shopping, decorating, cards, parades, baking, eating and more eating, and other festivities. The big day arrives and next thing you know it's New Years. Now here I am, it's already the 4th of January. The decorations are put away, the holidays over, and all the mess picked today, garbage day. I have no vacation time left and unlike my American friends, no long weekends to look forward to till Easter. Besides that, it's the last quarter of the fiscal year at work and all the talk will be about stats, stats, and stats. Bleck!

So there I was staring out the window, watching my woodpecker friend doing his usual assault on the trees out back. I wondered how the heck that guy survives in the cold and then I felt guilty. Got up off my backside and got busy. Yes guilt can be a good motivator.

I still think we should have some sort of national holiday in February though.

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CurlyDee said...

Hi Carole,

I just found your blog through postcrossing. Funny, I always get the post holiday blues too, for the same reasons.

The good thing is we do now have a national holiday in February - it's called Family Day and this year it's Feb. 15. I'm not sure what kind of work you do - but you should have it off. What a nice break!