Saturday, November 21, 2009

Follow Up On Some Research

Here is a very good summary about "Research into Blood Flow in the Brain and Venous Insufficiency, or CCSVI, in MS".

This research was in the news a couple of months ago and several bloggers did discuss it. I find this article is written in plain language. Well, as plain as any scientific research can be made. There is also a FAQ list that you might find helpful.

My understanding is that blood flow problems may be causing the inflammations that result in myelin damage. The researchers are building on studies that were abandoned years ago, as MS research moved toward studying the immune system causes of MS. This does not mean that current research is misguided nor that the old research was useless. It means (to me)that perhaps there is a new way to resolve the MS question and come up with treatments, that would lessen the need for the powerful drugs that are now used to combat MS. In future, a procedure such as one used to unblock clogged arteries might help relieve MS and prevent further symptom episodes. Not a cure, but a step in the right direction

I am posting this today aware that it is old news, however this article and the FAQ's really cleared up some of the questions I had about this research. It's possible my interpretation is wrong. That's why you should read it for yourself and decide. I am not an MS expert as some blogger claim to be. I am trying to find something positive, that can make me and maybe others, feel a little more hopeful about our situation.

It might have to do with me feeling better about things these days and make up for all the whining I do.

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Diane J Standiford said...

LOL, I don't see you as whinning. Yes, I am hopeful this latest research resurgence into vascular problems may be helpful.