Sunday, November 15, 2009

It Started With A Mirror

Watching the silent version of "The Thief of Bagdad' with Douglas(hunk) Fairbanks.
These silents films have been given a boost with new music soundtracks

It started with the installation of a new mirror. I was at a discount decorating store on Saturday looking for Christmas cards, and noticed a dusty mirror sitting in a corner. It was such a good deal I couldn't resist. Oval shaped with an ornate antique gold coloured frame. Today I put it up and it looks pretty snazzy. Had one of those rare bursts of energy, so next thing you know I'm practically reorganizing the entire upstairs of my house. Managed to conquer the dust bunnies too. The weather was bad out otherwise I would have gone for a long walk. It was so nice to feel good for a few hours. I hit the wall around 3:00 and couldn't do much after that. Still, tonight I don't feel so bad.Tired but not weak.

I think my feeling good is partly due to my THC vapour knocking me out, which allowed me to have a nice long sleep on Saturday night. I am only using it a few times per week in the evening at stronger doses, rather than every day mild ones. Saturday I was in so much pain with the sensation of a nail being shoved up the bottom of my left foot. Decided I may as well have a good stiff shot of vapour and it worked. My foot calmed, my twitchy leg relaxed, and I fell asleep. Nice !

The beauty of it is I wake up the next morning and I don't feel like a zombie like I do when I take sleeping pills. Haven't had one of those in awhile and I don't miss it. Don't miss the yucky metallic taste in my mouth either.

Haven't had much time for my blog and when I have time, I don't have the energy. This week I had seriously considered packing it in. I wonder if there is any point to this blogging? Well, here I am at it again.

The weather continues mild. Saturday was like a spring day. I know it won't last. The Santa Claus parade was today and snow is just around the corner.

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